quarta-feira, 23 de maio de 2012

... .... ..... Pulse ............ earrings and necklace


                                                            Onde quer que voce esteja
                                                             Em Marte ou El Dorado
                                                 Abra a janela e veja o pulsar quase mudo
                                                                    Abraco de anos
                                                         Luz que nenhum sol aquece
                                                              E o oco escuro esquece

                                                                    (Augusto de Campos)


                                                                      Wherever you are
                                                                   On Mars or El Dorado
                                            Open the window and see the pulse almost mute
                                                                       Embrace of years
                                                                Light that no sun warms
                                                            And the dark hollow forgets.

                                                                    (Augusto de Campos)

sábado, 12 de maio de 2012

For all mothers, a song and a pearl.

My Inheritance: A Flower
Vanessa da Mata,  Brazilian singer.

I found you in my garden
saddened, broken heart
aloof pet
I took you for me
Like a bandit full of vices
And I did like this, I did this.
Watered with so much patience
Pruned the pains, sorrows, diseases
Like the dried leaves that go away,
I worked.
I did everything, all my destiny
I split, I taught step by step,
Like of yourself, have hope and persistence
My legacy to you
It is a flower, a bell, a song
A dream,
Neither a gun or a rock
I will leave

My legacy to you
Is the love, able to make you quiet,
Fully, recognizing on  the world,
What is in itself

And today we remember
With no sorrow, no sadness
Outs of what life has given us
It certainly was gathering
You and me

I found you in my garden..

sábado, 5 de maio de 2012



The design is not something new or special,  but it is the tittle: "Ovo", which means egg.
Cirque du Soleil made me cry, smile, dream, dream, dream.. For my surprise almost the entire musical "cenario" (how spell this in English?).. anyway.. most part of the musical scenario was inspired for Brazilian musical rhythms and styles: forro, samba, capoeira and  bossa nova. Wow! For a second I felt as I was in the heart of my noisy and musical country.
Oh!.. my frustration of not being a dancer! I started, but stopped when I was still a child. But there I jumped, and I danced, and I closed my eyes imagining me in a fine equilibrium. 

Thanks my husband that made me a surprise giving me a ticket for the show,  knowing that I always had the wish to go to this wonderful company's show that mixes up  technique, perfection, joy, grace, mystery, curiosity, beauty.

Cirque du Soleil,  "OVO", eggs, insets, cycles of life inspired!