segunda-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2012

WINNERS- Congatulation and enjoy!

My boy had fun doing this... :)

My boy is a really good helper and a very enthusiastic guy! The best gift that Life gave to me!!
He drew all the winners:

PRIZE 1 : Nathalie Le Pichon
PRIZE 2: Martha Scott
PRIZE 3: Andrea
PRIZE 4: Carmen
PRIZE 5: Bonnie Cairns
PRIZE 6 : Lu Ann
PRIZE 7 : Juliette

Thanks all for the participation!!

The lists are already there on my shop with the cost of shipping. Please do the payment sooon you can because I intend send them tomorrow or Wednesday morning. Fast shipping, how about that?!

Merry Christmas!

Deb and Arthur

terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2012

Give Away

Hi all,
The season of Giving is here!
This Give Away is  just to say thanks for your support this year. Thanks for your friendship, visits, presence, purchases. Everything is so special to me.
*First I thought about give one pair of earrings. And then after I thought why not give some more? Well... It would be a bit expensive for me to send all the earrings and then I thought the winners could pay for the shipment cost. So, I decided to do this: the first pair, the "Woman of Snow" (which I made exclusively for this Give Away) will be sent at no cost to the winner. Those who wish to compete for others prizes have to agree to pay the shipment cost ( $3.65, First Class Mail including Delivery Confirmation). This is the first condition to participate.
If you think it's worth it, go ahead!

*The second condition is leave me a comment on my blog saying which pair of earrings  you would like to win. YOU HAVE THE RIGTH TO RUN FOR ONE OF THEM. Be the most objective you can be. Please identify yourself with your name and  the name of your etsy shop or etsy account.

 After the disclosure of the winners, they must contact me through  etsy and send me their emails so I can send an invoice with the ship cost.
Hope you will like one of them. 

****Ends Sunday, 12/9 at Midnight (giving a little time more  for a few customer that are trying figure out how to leave a comment here..)

Good Luck. 
With Love,

 PRIZE 1 - Woman of Snow- Druzy Quartz Crystal, Blue Glass, Vintage Glass from and Old Dome Lamp- 2 13/16 inches long (FREE SHIPMENT)

PRIZE 2 - Amazonite,African Chevron, Antique Bone Earrings ( 2 6/8 inches long)- $3.65 shipment cost

PRIZE 3 - Bone, Agathe,Coral ( 2 9/16 inches long)-$ 3.65 shipment cost

 PRIZE 4 - Festive Hoops ( 2 inches across, 3 9/16 inches long)-$ 3.65 shipment cost

 PRIZE 5 - Green Olive African Beads, Solid Copper Elements- (2 6/8 inches long)-$3.65 shipment cost

PRIZE 6 : Tin Jewelry and Solid Copper (3 inches long)- $ 3.65 shipment cost

PRIZE 7: Natural Pyrite and Solid Copper ( 2 3/16 inches long)-$3.65 shipment cost

Good Luck! Thanks for your participation!

quarta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2012

Textile Cuff Bracelets

                                                          I do cute things too..
 Children of the Sun - Golden Textile Bracelet with brass, stones and vintage lace and crochet       

                                                                   Les Jardins
                                           Textiles, Felt, Vintage Lace and Crochet, Beads

sexta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2012

Floral Fragments- Delicate earrings

I have some fragments of porcelain and pottery that I've collected for the time when I was working with mosaics. So I decided incorporate some of them into my design. Fragments of beauty and time, framed into rustically made solid copper bezels.
Here is my first attempt... a floral vintage Chinese porcelain, framed on solid copper, making pair with a mystic faceted green quartz drop stones.