segunda-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2013

Some new jewelry

I really don't have so much time to write here and write in English is still a challenge to me. Also,  I actually like the silence, stay in my studio listening music and working brings me peace. And so when the little sweet hurricane comes from the school, my energy is all renewed for him.. :)
I am posting some photos of new earrings I've made and are already listed on my shop, some of them already sold, some available...some organic, some boho line, some rustic.. Hope you all have a nice, productive and joyful week.. because Life is here and now and work & pleasure, this duet.. better a trio?!.. work, pleasure & creativity are part of it!
Also, I want to say thanks for all people that support artisans, those who buy and use artisan jewelry. It is so much interesting than that boring jewelry of department stores, isn't it? So more soulful.. bead by bead, one at a time, as it must be.
Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!!!!

quarta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2013

Rustic Jewelry-new pieces

A few of them already sold, I am late on this updating.
Happy New Year to all!

                                                  Chrysoprase earrings ( I love this stone!)
                                               Native Lands, with Amethyst and Turquoise
                                             Native Lands II, with Kyanite, bone and horn

                                                        Fossil Coral, for the discreet ones..
                                                             Tropicalia, 60's inspired

                                                   Ocean Jasper elegantly capped
                                                Allegory, mixed stones, button, ceramic
                                       Sounds and Whispers, Lampwork, Amethyst,Copper

                                                         Moonstone and fringes
                                                                  Floral Tin Jewelry
                                                The exotic Jeevan, from Sanscrito, Life.
                                            Jamilah, Myrrh , Amethyst, Naga Shell, Metals
                                                                  That is all for a while..