sábado, 2 de fevereiro de 2013

New ones..

                                Campesina (Peasant).. how about this combo of colors? I like it.

                                                           She and I, the girly ones.. :)

                                 Woman of Snow, a more elaborate and time consuming work.

                                                 Kitten Paw Shell and Vessonite earrings

                                                             Raw Citrine and Coral

                                                      Raw Citrine, Bone and Turquoise

                                            Sherpa Glass and Copper,  thick gauge hoops

Some Mala Bracelets
Budha pendant from Thailand, gorgeous Turquoise beads, glass, Naga shell, metal spacers

                            Padre beads, Batik Bone, African glass, Indian bells, metal spacers

                                                       A great weekend for all of us!

11 comentários:

  1. i LOVE asymmetrical earrings! i think all earrings should be like that :)
    why wear the same thing twice huh?? beautiful!

  2. More beautiful work! I do love that top pair.

  3. hi lela, jiorji..thanks!
    Yeah! I love asymmetrical, will work on some more asymmetrical pieces, but they can not be just different. As the humans, they have to have one point where they meet each other.. :)

  4. I love your use of chains, I'm hoping to incorporate more into my work. They certainly give them a swing and a lightness. I get really excited about assembling and then the earrings can suddenly get really heavy I've found. The asymmetrical ones are way cool!

  5. Thanks Kimberly.. Yeah, the chain doesn't make them heavy in terms of weight neither visually, but so the stones, unfortunately.. Hugs to you!

  6. Such beautiful creations. I have been following you on Etsy for awhile and I have come to your blog but I don't believe I've ever commented. Such unique jewelery!

  7. Thanks Evelyn for your visit. You are welcome, always!
    best to you.

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