segunda-feira, 20 de agosto de 2012

Earth Gardens Necklace

It is already sold.. :)...
I am enjoying explore my  boxes of supplies and rediscover new possibilities with my old beads... carved bones and stones, seeds glass beads, vintage glass beads and African trade beads..... A few new ones, some that I brought from Brazil....

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  1. Beautiful colours and I so love that wire wrapping on the big bead.

  2. Thanks 13.
    That technique I learned with an artist here in Portland.It is a hand woven cap bead that involves the stone in a embrace, a meticulous work with fine gauge wire.
    Hugs to you!

  3. I too have moved a long way from home and 'grown' my own family here in Australia. Whilst I miss home terribly sometimes it is an amazing experience to discover a new world and, in a way, it allows us to reinvent ourselves which can be very liberating.

  4. for sure! ..
    Thanks for being here.
    Best to you!

  5. oh the pink stones are so gorgeous- especially with the blue ones. beautiful combinations- and gorgeous wrapping.

  6. What a pleasure having you here! Thanks Marina!!!
    The pink ones are Rodhonite.The rectangle ones are Amazonite, one of my favorite stones...
    hugs, hugs..