domingo, 14 de outubro de 2012

Solomos's Seal- time for neckpieces..handmade metal frame, paper and glass beads

"...King Solomon's Seal combines strength and beauty, symbolism and illustrative quality and all within a geometric figure, the most important characteristic of Islamic art. The Moslem artist's love of geometry allows the true essence of King Solomon's Seal as a symbol of the connection between the two worlds to be expressed; in this context, it symbolizes the link between science, beauty and metaphysics, with elements of medicine and magic, astronomy and astrology, the art of irrigation and its influence on the garden, and the symbolic connection between pleasure gardens and the Garden of Eden, between the sky and architectural domes and on traditional cosmology and its connection to religion.
Today, the hexagram is known as the "Star of David" and is seen as the definitive symbol of Judaism the term is even used in Islamic countries" .. see more in my shop.

sábado, 6 de outubro de 2012

The Birth of Pleasure - Necklace

"The pleasure rising on the chest hurts so much that it is preferable to feel the accustomed pain than the unusual pleasure. The true joy has no possible explanation, does not have the ability to be understood – and looks like the beginning of a unrecoverable doom. This merge is unbearably good - as if death was our greatest good and the end, but it isn't the death, it is the immeasurable life that comes to resemble the grandeur of death. Should be left to flood by joy slowly – because this is the life born. And those who do not have strength, that cover every nerve with a protective film, with a film of death in order to be able to tolerate life. This film can consist of any formal protective act, in any silence or in multiple words without meaning. Because the pleasure is not to play with. It is we."

("The Birth of Pleasure ", Clarice Lispector
Clarice Lispector was a writer that came from Ukraine, but lived most part of her life in Brazil).