terça-feira, 10 de julho de 2012

From the Waters - Organic Jewelry.

                                                                        Organic line
                                                                       Water inspired
                                                                 Oceans, lakes, rivers
                                                                 ... Healing and Life.

Kyanites reminds me water, water, water............pure and clear. And so I think about my heart, about our hearts, about the collective heart on the humanity. And the feelings that live in ours hearts and the words that these feelings generate and everything that these words build.
And so I think about the quality of our feelings and  and the cleaning that ( just I know and just you know) needs to be made there, deeply inside where our intimacy lives.
The water, in its sovereign humility, serving us, cleaning, renovating us and  the whole world as a living organism.

domingo, 1 de julho de 2012

My Strength is in Solitude earrings

"My strength is in solitude. I'm not afraid of timely rain nor high loose winds, because I am also the dark of the night."
                     (Clarice Lispector)


 Metalwork with solid copper sheet, faceted stones and Pottery Girl's handmade ceramic beads.