terça-feira, 10 de julho de 2012

From the Waters - Organic Jewelry.

                                                                        Organic line
                                                                       Water inspired
                                                                 Oceans, lakes, rivers
                                                                 ... Healing and Life.

Kyanites reminds me water, water, water............pure and clear. And so I think about my heart, about our hearts, about the collective heart on the humanity. And the feelings that live in ours hearts and the words that these feelings generate and everything that these words build.
And so I think about the quality of our feelings and  and the cleaning that ( just I know and just you know) needs to be made there, deeply inside where our intimacy lives.
The water, in its sovereign humility, serving us, cleaning, renovating us and  the whole world as a living organism.

10 comentários:

  1. Loving all this water especially since it is 106 right now where I live. Such beautiful earrings with a cool grace. xo!

  2. OMG- I had forgotten to check your blog forever- all these things are SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! and the previous post- those shapes are amazing! And your photos look really gorgeous, i must say.
    but even better- to see the picture of you up there looking all cute and brazilian!!

  3. Beautiful! I love the watery colors of the stone beads.

  4. These have such a quiet elegance, I love the contrast of raw and fragile. Not usually words you'd think of as opposite, but the hefty rock and the string-thin wire make it so.

  5. Wow!... "cool grace", "the contrast of raw and fragile".. you guys know how to describe my work better than me, really! I would like to have talent to describe them so well as you did! :) ..but still with no creativity with English words!

    Hey Fanci, I saw your video in one of our older posts! You are a "fofucha"! thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks all for the appreciation..

  6. Cool grace describes it beautifully....gorgeous work!

  7. Hola tribalis, Guauuu!! preciosas y hermosas joyas llenas de contrastes, fantásticos los materiales elegidos, me ha encantado tu trabajo!!!, un saludo.