terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2012

Give Away

Hi all,
The season of Giving is here!
This Give Away is  just to say thanks for your support this year. Thanks for your friendship, visits, presence, purchases. Everything is so special to me.
*First I thought about give one pair of earrings. And then after I thought why not give some more? Well... It would be a bit expensive for me to send all the earrings and then I thought the winners could pay for the shipment cost. So, I decided to do this: the first pair, the "Woman of Snow" (which I made exclusively for this Give Away) will be sent at no cost to the winner. Those who wish to compete for others prizes have to agree to pay the shipment cost ( $3.65, First Class Mail including Delivery Confirmation). This is the first condition to participate.
If you think it's worth it, go ahead!

*The second condition is leave me a comment on my blog saying which pair of earrings  you would like to win. YOU HAVE THE RIGTH TO RUN FOR ONE OF THEM. Be the most objective you can be. Please identify yourself with your name and  the name of your etsy shop or etsy account.

 After the disclosure of the winners, they must contact me through  etsy and send me their emails so I can send an invoice with the ship cost.
Hope you will like one of them. 

****Ends Sunday, 12/9 at Midnight (giving a little time more  for a few customer that are trying figure out how to leave a comment here..)

Good Luck. 
With Love,

 PRIZE 1 - Woman of Snow- Druzy Quartz Crystal, Blue Glass, Vintage Glass from and Old Dome Lamp- 2 13/16 inches long (FREE SHIPMENT)

PRIZE 2 - Amazonite,African Chevron, Antique Bone Earrings ( 2 6/8 inches long)- $3.65 shipment cost

PRIZE 3 - Bone, Agathe,Coral ( 2 9/16 inches long)-$ 3.65 shipment cost

 PRIZE 4 - Festive Hoops ( 2 inches across, 3 9/16 inches long)-$ 3.65 shipment cost

 PRIZE 5 - Green Olive African Beads, Solid Copper Elements- (2 6/8 inches long)-$3.65 shipment cost

PRIZE 6 : Tin Jewelry and Solid Copper (3 inches long)- $ 3.65 shipment cost

PRIZE 7: Natural Pyrite and Solid Copper ( 2 3/16 inches long)-$3.65 shipment cost

Good Luck! Thanks for your participation!

41 comentários:

  1. Prize 5 - with green olive African beads! I love your work, Deborah, and these are especially beautiful. Thanks for a giveaway... best to you and yours. Casey

  2. how delightful and generous! thank you for offering a give away. such an inspiration.i think i would definitely enjoy the festive hoops 'cause they are festive! www.etsy.com/shop/darlicioushouse ~darlene

  3. Oh, Prize 1 or 7 I would love to own and wear! What a beautiful set of earrings (as always), and thank you for this great give away!

    Love, Juliette artintheredwoods.etsy.com

    1. i Juliette, can you choose one of them? :)

  4. omg i adore the last ones... ok, also the 1st ones but since i dont use jewerly as much as some folks i'd feel bad taking it away from anyone. also, im going to announce your giveaway on my blog.

    1. Oh! Fanci..next time I will give away some supplies, so you can participate too. Thanks, ALWAYS, for your support.hugs to you.

  5. I love all of them, but I'm really taken with the first pair, Women of Snow. What a great giveaway!

  6. I too LOVE Women of Snow (it's winter here :-) - but I'm also taken with Festive Hoops - I have a new hair cut that is perfect for those. Thank you for having a giveaway.

  7. They're all so beautiful...and that's so nice of you!

    Prizes 5 and 7 are my very favorites. :)



    1. hi Lela, please choose one of them.. thanks for your participation.deb

    2. Oh, sure, Deb... I'll say 7. :)

    3. great! I will make a little pot for each one of them. hugs, deb

  8. Hi deb, I love number seven.

  9. Hello dear friend, prize number 4 it is for me. I have a pair of your copper hoops and love them, they are my go to earrings with jeans and nice sweaters. How generous of you to do this, you have such a loving heart... but I've always known that.


  10. Your work is so beautiful, but I must say I am in love with the first pair!


  11. Hi deb,
    Put my name in the hat for number one or whatever... ,!
    Would love to see your work in the flesh and have something of yours.
    Cynthia @ bestnheart

  12. I'm going to have a go too. Some of you know I don't have pierced ears but my mate Micheal (he's properly qualified~) is going to put holes in my ears if ~I get lucky!

    1. hey there! Good luck, no cry hummm..?!! :)
      which one do you want to run for?...

  13. Oh, wow - I would have to choose the first ones, they are just soooo beautiful! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one of your exquisite creations! :)

  14. I invite Woman of Snow into my life. :D

    K. Yin (my Etsy shop is not open, !que lástima!)

  15. Hmm, if I can only pick one, I'd have to pick prize 5. Fingers crossed! Thank you :)

  16. I love your work; And how generous of you.
    I love #4, #6 & #3. Thank you!

    Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/taralinda
    Blog: http://taralinda.wordpress.com/

    Thank you ;)

  17. Hi Deb
    Thanks for the invite. I have several of your gorgeous pieces and would love to add PRIZE 4 - Festive Hoops to my collection.
    Thank you!!

  18. Hello, Deb!!
    This is so much fun, especially that this time of year! I keep going back to look at all of the work, as it inspires me.

    Well, if I have to choose just one (tough to do) then I must say, the one that tugs at my heartstrings is "Woman of Snow". If reminds me of one of my favorite old folk songs with lyrics that go: "Out she comes white as snow, rings on her fingers, bells on her toes." Oh, that lovely combination of Druzy Quartz and that cozy old metal...wonderful, wonderful! Thank you xox

    Etsy Shop: www.loraleekolton.etsy.com

  19. Hi! I love your shop and creativity. Hmmm.... I would choose 1 and 7 I believe. Wonderful work! Laura sharino11@yahoo.com

  20. Hello! I love all of your jewelry, but FESTIVE HOOPS is my fave!!! I can pay with paypal for shipping :)
    Hugs, Tami (mroth@Lcom.net)

  21. hey! i love prize 7 (although i actually love all of your earrings). my name is heather lightbody and my etsy shop is GirlwithaHook. thanks for having this giveaway! i'd be more than happy to pay shipping!

  22. Thank you so much for your generous giveaway. They are all so gorgeous!!! I LoVe your work. I would LoVe to wear any of them, but I keep going back to #6 with the tin and copper. All of my fingers and toes are crossed!

    LuAnn at wwww.martinisfor2.etsy.com

  23. 'Woman of the snow' is such a beauty and great design that sets off the druzy... your work is all outstanding and lust-worthy.
    my etsy: gretchennation

  24. Pair number 6 if I'm lucky, good luck everyone

  25. Finally figured out this blog thing ...just in time! I love all of your art but your "woman of the snow" earrings will make me feel particularly grounded this winter. I don't have a shop , would just rather buy art and support artists than buy jewelry in retail store. Have a great day !
    NathaLielp@hotmail.com(nathaLie le pichon)

  26. What a great and sweet thing to do. If I had to choose it would be 2. I love the combination of the amazonite and the brown together and I love how long they are. I know I would wear them often.
    Good luck to me and good luck to all.

  27. Whoops forgot my Etsy user name is Martuna. I don't have an open store yet. Working on it and selling supplies.

  28. I am in love with #3 and 4... Thanks for the chance to win... My etsy name is fallingladies

  29. Hi Deb
    What a generous person you are!
    My gosh they are all wonderful but I will choose #3 just because I love the colors.
    I don't have a shop but it's my favorite place to buy supplies.
    Yes, I will pay for shipping.

  30. Hi Deb - I would love to have the Women of Snow Druzy Quarts earrings :)

    Thank you!


  31. Hello- found you through fanciful devices! Just in the nick of time!

    I love #1, #5 and #7! Oooo...I can't choose my favorite...

    OK- if I must pick only one pair I will say pair #5. *fingers crossed!*

    Thanks- glad I found you!
    ~Kayla Johnson


  32. Some customers had problem to post here, a few of them got it and three of them asked me to comment for them. So, here they are:
    Kim-prize 5
    Anne-Marie-prize 2
    Gloria Pedruco- prize 4

    Thanks for all particapation.The Give Away is closed now. Today (Monday) my sun will pick up on the hat the papers with the winner's name! Good luck! Deb

  33. Hello! Trying to post again... Definitly not born to blog but I have to thank you for you wonderful give away . I am going to add those earrings to my other pieces of art from your shop , and I will be a walking and breathing representation of your creativity. I will cherish those " woman of snow " especially ". Thank you for your creativity, and thank you for your generosity. Merry Christmas to you and your adorable little boy !
    Ps: I never wan anything and my birthday is next week so the surprise was all very special to me!

  34. Hi Deb,

    I just received the earrings and have them on! They are soooooo beautiful!!! Thank you so much for your generous giveaway and a big hug and kiss to your little man for picking my name.

    Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to All!


    1. I am glad you like them Lu Ann! Enjoy!