sexta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2012

Floral Fragments- Delicate earrings

I have some fragments of porcelain and pottery that I've collected for the time when I was working with mosaics. So I decided incorporate some of them into my design. Fragments of beauty and time, framed into rustically made solid copper bezels.
Here is my first attempt... a floral vintage Chinese porcelain, framed on solid copper, making pair with a mystic faceted green quartz drop stones.


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  1. Those are absolutely stunning! I love that in just looking at them I would have no idea what they 'are.' They look at once traditional because of their shape and containment in the (fabulous) setting, yet dimensional and possibly fragmented, organic. I love them.

  2. Thanks Ri for being here.
    What means "possible fragmented?".. maybe I am not using the words in English properly..
    I visited your blog and tried to leave your a comment, but they ask for many cods with no end and never accept my comment..

    1. That's weird--I don't have a code thing set up on my blog.

      "possibly fragmented"--It's *ME* not using the words in English properly! What I meant was: The designs look like they could be bits or pieces of something larger, like sea pottery. In general, they just look wonderfully mysterious. It's always such a great thing to have no idea what something is at first.

    2. oh.. I was just wondering what means fragment in English, which way you guys use it.In Portuguese we use with different meanings, from the most ordinary to the highly aesthetic meaning. The piece was bigger,I just cut smaller with the mosaic tool and polished the edges.It is not naturally polished like sea pottery, it is recycled porcelain from a little broken pot. I have several others pieces of a dish and others porcelain. My husband used to say: "you will make our home a depot of trash!".
      We always find use for them.
      hugs to you!

  3. They really are beautiful earrings.

  4. Thanks Art.Rejuv. and Janet!